Lilac is a symbol of Spring and renewal.  As 2022 is the Year of the Lilac and Spring is just around the corner this would be the prime time to introduce some lilac stem cells into your daily regime; an ideal step towards a fresher, brighter and smoother complexion for Spring and heading into Summer.

Scientific investigation into plant stem cell extracts is continually progressing and it is becoming evident that the active component of some plant stem cell extracts may be extremely helpful in skin protection, repair and renewal.  Rigorous and focussed research has found Syringa Vulgaris (lilac) leaf to stand alongside Vitas Vinifera (grape) seed and Malis Domestica (swiss apple) as potentially being rich sources of phyto stem cells.

My July blog on Vitis vinifera (grape) seed extract outlined how phenolic compounds, rich in antioxidants, were the main components of grape seed extract.

Well, Syringa Vulgaris (lilac) leaf extract is also of significance as it is known to have antioxidant rich compounds called verbascoside.  Verbascoside is a phenylpropanoid glycoside which is a natural occurring, water-soluble compound with outstanding antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  Testing of this compound has exhibited the highest radical scavenger activity and highest antioxidant power amongst other tested phenylpropanoid glycosides Alipieva et al. 2014.  Lilac leaf extract is also hydrophilic which means that is water soluble.

How can lilac stem cell leaf extract help with ageing skin?

Generally, nowadays we strive to remain positive as we grow older, balancing our lifestyle in order to maintain good health and a sense of achievement.  So too, we strive to preserve the integrity of our skin and somehow overcome the many obstacles presented to us while achieving this.

Changes in the look and feel of our skin are likely to occur naturally as we advance in years.  Reason being that our skin may be progressively subject to numerous changes including a decrease in cell turnover; a deterioration and/or reduction in collagen and elastin; and a loss of some of its fat layer.  Our skin may also be subject to environmental and inflammatory insults.  As a result the skin may feel dryer, rougher, less firm and may appear lined, wrinkled, flaky, thinner, looser and duller with, perhaps, some occurrence of dark spots.

Our daily skin regime is one extremely important part of skin preservation.  Syringa Vulgaris (lilac) leaf extract accommodates the ideal combination of verbascoside and vitamin C as its main active ingredients and is suitable for sensitive and combination skin types.  It absorbs easily, enabling it to function efficiently in its delivery.  It would be a valuable inclusion for maintaining or achieving that much sought after firm, smooth and healthy complexion.  Daily application of these stem cells will help to improve skin function, thereby addressing skin ageing by:

  • aiding the repair of damaged cells and replacing dead or worn out cells;
  • helping to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin;

 How can lilac stem cell leaf extract help with acne disorders?

Calming lilac stem cell extracts have been shown to have the ability to suppress sebum in the leadup to acne and decrease inflammation and melanin pigmentation.

“These stem cells inhibit 5α-reductase, an enzyme involved in sebum production, and they also decrease the pro-inflammatory chemokine IL-8. In a clinical study (again, not independent), lilac stem cell extract reduced lesions in 29 acne patients by 40% in 30 days and showed a significant decrease in inflammation and melanin pigmentation.”

 What are the other benefits of lilac stem cell leaf extract?

Verbascoside in lilac stem cells has been found to have significantly accelerated wound healing and anti-inflammatory action.  The stem cells have also been found to provide relief in the treatment of Atopic Dermatitis and recent research has stated that polyphenols from the lilac leaf demonstrate the potential to contribute to the treatment/prevention of blood stagnation which can assist in the control of skin redness

In a nutshell!

 Lilac stem cells are water soluble, easily absorbed into the skin and a powerhouse of active compounds ideal for addressing sensitive and ageing skin conditions.  However, these stem cells could be enhanced by creating an elixir to be more soothing for sensitive skin; to increase penetration; to improve its anti-ageing ability; to prevent transdermal water loss and to remain fresher for longer.  The following additives would work synergistically with the lilac stem cells to help create just such a formula.


Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Water

Coconut water is amazingly hydrating, helping the skin to retain moisture and preventing it from drying out.  It moistens the skin in the most natural way, without the addition of excess oil, and is an anti-inflammatory, detoxifier and an anti-microbial.  Research has shown it to have significant anti-oxidant activity and to be rich in Cytokinin, a plant hormone which helps to reduce redness and irritation.  Additionally it has been verified by the EWG as a safe ingredient with low toxicity.  A perfect addition to assist with anti-ageing, wound healing and the prevention/reduction of acne.

Vaccinium Myrtillus (Blueberry) Fruit Extract

Blueberries contain an abundance of anthocyanins, a compound which has antimicrobial, antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties which will intensify the benefits of the lilac stem cells.  There is evidence that anthocyanin extract from blueberries may help to reduce collagen destruction generated by UV-induced photoaging of the skin.  It is also rich in Omega 9 which is an excellent carrier and will enhance the penetration of the other active ingredients and help them to go deeper into the skin layers.

Blueberry Extract for Skin | Blueberry Extract Benefits – UpCircle (

 Opuntia Ficus Indica (Prickly Pear) Extract

Prickly pear would be a great addition to the formula as it has excellent hydrating properties due to its high content of water binding activities.  It has also displayed exceptional soothing and firming abilities.  It also helps to prevent the formation of ROS thus intensifying this benefit found in the lilac stem cells.

Tomato Fruit Extract

This fruit extract is rich in Vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K and folate.  It is purifying to the skin, helping to balance the pH of the skin and regulate sebum.

Propanediol (also called 1,3-propanediol)

 Derived from corn sugar, propanediol is a clear, colourless solvent and emollient.  It will assist all the amazing natural ingredients in the formula by dissolving; preserving and keeping them fresher for longer.  Amazingly, it will also help to enhance the penetration of the active ingredients so that they go deeper into the skin layers.

Propanediol has been verified by the EWG as a safe ingredient with low toxicity for topical use.

All these ingredients are just a handful of the nutrient-rich, active ingredients in my powerful Cell Defence Lilac Rebalancing Plant Stem Cell Serum.

The perfect choice of elixir to assist in revealing a healthier, firmer and well-balanced complexion.