The Cell Defence Story

Cell Defence is a high performing, botanically based skincare program formulated with an understanding and belief of the concept that plant ingredients are far safer, gentler and better for human health than synthetic chemicals. It was this belief that initiated the formulation of Cell Defence and for it to be crafted from the infusion of all things pure in plant chemistry. A chemical free product prepared in line with the Do No Harm guidelines of a Naturopath. Treat the cause don’t band-aid the issue. The major differentiation of this skincare line is its combination of pure, active ingredients which are jam-packed into every formulation. Each preparation is synergistically combined to work together in harmony with your own skin. When purchasing a skincare product individuals need to be confident in the knowledge that the product’s ingredients will work harmoniously with their skin’s requirements. With this in mind, Cell Defence is backed by a Naturopath that has had her own skincare clinic for over 25 years.

Cell Defence is not new; it is perhaps just new to you. It’s been trialled and tested on many clients for over 12 years, with amazing results. Now, with naturopathic support, you can indulge in a tailored skincare line of your choice and have it professionally customised to suit your individual requirements. Naturopathic advice is there for you with your first purchase.

Charmaine D, the founder of Cell Defence, had concerns regarding the lack of transparency and shortfall of people’s understanding of the health effects of some cosmetic ingredients. It was these concerns that ultimately lead to the development of this line of skincare. When we purchase a product we often assume that all ingredients are safe, especially when they are labelled with well-known and promotional brand names. After Public investigation of many commonly used ingredients there is now a greater awareness that not all are considered safe. The formulator was compelled to research the most precious cells within the plant… the pluripotent Stem Cell.

When creating Cell Defence it was important to combine the knowledge of safe ingredients with an understanding of how the skin really functions. Skin is a living organ with its own receptors and requires to be fed from the outside to have life in abundance. True nutrition feeds through the blood; nourishing the cells and removing waste through the capillaries of the blood and lymphatic systems. However, what people perhaps don’t always recognise is that skin was created with its own microbiome and therefore needed to be nurtured and have a healthy environment, both on the surface and within the hair and sweat glands. It also needs to have the ability to repair itself, when required. This is why Cell Defence products were created with the ability to work both within the skin and on the skin receptors. Understanding the following has been a consideration during formulation stages:

• Follicles (commonly known to us as pores of the skin);
• How penetration happens through follicular penetration, and;
• How the sebum oil production of each follicle changes over a humans’ lifetime,
due to age gender and hormonal influences.

Cell Defence serums are the union of the purest active ingredients formulated for maximum efficacy and maximum bioavailability. Cell Defence serums are synergistically infused plant stem cells with renowned anti-ageing vitamins, anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and indigenous adaptogenic plant extracts. Combined, these actives deliver well-being and lasting revitalisation. Cell Defence has unique plant stem cells formulated into the product. You can read below as to how each individual ingredient will work simultaneously to nurture and provide for your skin’s needs.

Plant stem cells are generated in the meristems of plants and are available first hand if the live plant is injured. Amazingly, like human stem cells, plant stem cells have the ability to self-heal. By using plant stem cells synergistically with many other ingredients we can give you the 3 R’s for your skin; repair, rebalance, restore. Through modern Stem Cell science, infused with the ancient wisdom of phytotherapy, we are able to deliver the highest level of plant essences in a truly pure anti-ageing, skin care experience.

No matter how old you are, every cell in your body is born new. In your skin, the essential cells responsible for all epidermal cell renewal over your life time are the stem cells found deep within your hair follicles. These follicles may be large or very small and are often known at the skin’s surface as pores. These pores are the mouth of the vital reservoirs of regenerative life for your skin and the opening to the larger and more complex pilosebaceous organ known simply as the follicle. Like a sponge, the face and scalp skin has more follicle penetrations (pores) than the entire body skin: with an average number of 800 follicles per cm2. This equates to over 900,000 tiny follicle organs. Nestled deep in these crucibles, the Stem Cells are responsible for skin renewal, skin pigmentation, skin rejuvenation and wound healing.

At the heart of Cell Defence we focus on the synergy between these vital stem cells and the unique properties of Plant Stem Cells. Our formulations recognise that the vitality of the follicle directly reflects in the vitality of your complexion, cell renewal and skin’s radiance. Our skin care line is formulated for follicular compatibility and our moisturisers are crafted to seal the serums’ vital nutrients within your skin… combined, they create an age-defying protective regime against the daily aggression of a modern world. Cell Defence is explained in detail for you in the product ingredients listing and focused ingredients have evidence based knowledge to back up their claim to fame.