Book your “Why You?” Free consult With Charmaine D Naturopath

Why You? Free Consult! With Charmaine D Naturopath – Where did you lose your oxygen for life Skin or Health Consult!

30 minutes my time gifted to you! (available one per person for free) Why You? Because I care where you may have lost your oxygen for life in your skin or body health.

For Cell Defence skin care – for recovering your oxygen for life in skin and health. What skincare is suitable for you to use with your condition and how can you get the best out of your skincare. Charmaine D is happy to give you this time to go through the best products for you.

What does a Skin or Health Consult involve?

30 minutes gifted to you. Enabling Charmaine D as a naturopath and a skin guru, with over 35 years of experience, to assist towards regaining your oxygen for life by beginning the process of:

Organising a time line
Xample statement developed
You – Why You?
Generate a family history add to timeline
Establish the core issue
Now a plan of action

We Start this process in your 30 minutes free – and continue if you continue to work with Charmaine D ongoing with in-clinic or online sessions.

  • O rganising a time-line – Events that have happened from birth till now that have affected your health leading or adding to your health condition today where did you lose your oxygen for life in your skin or body.
  • X ample statement for us to work from like – allergic reaction to an insect bite and never been well since- histamine reaction on the skin, affecting gut dysbiosis.
  • Y ou Why You? – I always ask why you? Same events can happen to the person next door but why did you react this way etc.
  • G enerate a family history to add into the timeline of events and add to continue to establish the Why You?
  • E stablish your challenging condition nothing is too small or too big.
  • N ow we can establish the core issue through discussion and set out a plan of action

To understand more about full consultations and how to find your oxygen for life read Charmaine D’s Blog do you have your oxygen for life working for you.Read Post Here

Why would I give away 30 minutes of my time to assist you in regaining your oxygen for life?

As a naturopath with a university degree in Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Naturopathy. I spent 5 years full and part time of my life learning how to assist clients with skin and health issues to work with them and do no harm along the way.

Unlike a lot of bachelor degrees and professional positions naturopathy is different as a lot of the public are not aware of how we can assist them.

Are you aware of the value we can give to society?

So in order for people like yourself to discover how a naturopath can improve your health of your skin or body I am gifting my time to you for 30 minutes.

See for yourself how a naturopath can assist you.

Why me? Why would you choose to work with me? Find out for yourself by taking 30 minutes out of your schedule to talk to me!

With over 30 years of experience within the industry of Health. Yes! I started in the industry at 27 and I am now 60 plus.

I bring a uniqueness that I can also assist your skin and body concerns through an external and internal position.

The truth is – I genuinely care and want to assist you – yes Why You? As its important to me so – You can work towards regaining your oxygen for life.