About Charmaine D


Charmaine D established herself in the skincare industry over 35 years ago, with a passion for helping clients improve the health of their skin. She was awarded a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and later gained qualifications as a Paramedical Skin Therapist and a Corneotherapist. Charmaine’s latest, and biggest, achievement was gaining the award of Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy).

Charmaine now operates a successful Naturopathy & Skin Health Clinic in beautiful Glenelg South, South Australia. Cell Defence was developed by Charmaine to enable her to further improve her clients’ skin, both externally and internally. Cell Defence is the result of Charmaine’s passion for achieving the best results for the skin, combined with her knowledge of the importance of using pure, potent active ingredients. 

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Charmaine’s Story

I grew up with a beautiful mother who cared for her skin daily. As a child, Mum lived on a farm surrounded by oxygenated air which on a farm and in the 20th century was almost completely unpolluted. On weekdays she rode her horse across the property to milk the cows in the early morning and then to her school, all the time breathing in the clean, fresh air. Her diet was a healthy one, consisting mainly of fresh foods. All this showed in her beautiful complexion. I loved the feel of her soft skin; untouched by chemical exposure. (As a child I was obviously unaware of the existence of chemical exposure.) I loved watching mum wash her face and put on her moisturiser every morning and night. It was endearing to witness her run to the bathroom to pat her face and nose with “Angel Face” powder and glide red lipstick over her lips, just as my dad’s car drove down our driveway, returning from a hard day at work. Little did I know that even then my mum was defining my life’s passion to take care of oneself. Back then life was simple and mum would often say to take pride in yourself. I learnt from my mum and am now very thankful

There’s more though. I had four older sisters and two older brothers. At the age of 4 my brothers started bringing around their girlfriends. They were beautifully elegant ladies with gorgeous faces. I loved being around them. I was intrigued by people’s faces. My four sisters were all so different. Being so much younger than them, meant I was always looking on-watching and listening-and probably saw and heard things that I would cringe at today. They inadvertently taught me to care for myself and take pride in my appearance, just as my mum had always done. Prior to leaving the house always wash, apply make-up, do your hair and dress appropriately for the occasion. I do not regret any of this and am forever grateful. I feel that all these encounters equipped me with an enquiring mind so as to set a pattern for understanding and caring for people, and encouraging them to find self-love and contentment in their own person.

So why did I turn to searching for skin care and to look after my skin?

Aside from the good things, I will never forget an incident when I was 13 years old. I had my first high school date and wanted to look my best. I decided to take to the tweezers to tidy my eyebrows. After all, how hard could it be? I’d watched my sisters do it so many times. Confidently I tweezed away at them till just a single, fine brow-line was exposed. How proud I was – they looked so neat. Oh dear! They never grew back either. Lesson learnt – always seek advice from a qualified person first.

I grew up with limited food choices due to being part of a large family. It was amazing how our parents managed to encourage good eating habits. We received provisions from friends on farms and grew our own vegetables and fruit thus partaking in a healthy, seasonal and well balanced diet. Lesson learnt – you don’t have to be rich to eat healthy.

Fun in the Sun – was this a good thing?

Back then, family members were oblivious to the extent that the sun could damage the skin. My older sisters enjoyed extensive sunbaking; unknowingly setting a bad example for me. At home, my mum encouraged us to partake in outdoor activities and why not; it gave her a little bit of peace and quiet. In summer the family spent many hours at the sunny seaside and often enjoyed fun loving camping trips during the Easter and the ever so hot days of Christmas. To “add fuel to the fire” my caring mother often smoothed coconut oil over our skin believing it would ease the chance of getting sunburnt. So understandably, I was often sunburnt and remember the unlovely look of a peeling nose and face.

At 18 years of age I was engaged to be married and wanted to look beautiful for my wedding, which to me would be such an extremely special occasion. I had previously watched six older brothers and sisters prepare for their wedding days and now it would be my turn. After searching around I found a suitable Beauty Therapist and indulged in having regular facials and purchasing a range of skincare. I found a passion, unaware that 42 years later I would be launching my own Cell Defence skincare line.

At age 25 our first child was born. Life had changed and I found myself searching for a job that I could comfortably undertake while raising our child. I decided to run my own business. This was a first for me. It was in the health industry working with clients’ weight management. This business was a stepping stone towards working in Beauty Salons and so my passion began to emerge. At 32, with three children on board, I studied under some brilliant teachers at TAFE SA and became a Beauty Therapist. I worked in two major clinics and within just three years had managed to acquire my own clinic.

My passion grew and I began to feel that a link was missing. The industry began to change and a lot of high, chemical based ingredients were being launched. These were treatments that, contrary to nurturing the skin, worked on the principle of causing harm in order to renew. It wasn’t for me. I loved to nurture, care and see the skin renew, without harm. Learning how to do a six layer peel scared me. I felt traumatised every time someone signed up for one. What if I go too deep? What if I cause damage that I’m unable to heal? “Oh well, I have insurance” was my unconvincing line of thought. It just didn’t gel and I was working against my principles.

Thinking back on my mum’s beautiful skin, accomplished simply from a healthy lifestyle and diligent cleansing and moisturising throughout her life, I started to search my soul. Where did I now want to go in a changing world of skincare and treatments. I found a mentor in my hairdresser. I would have my hair done by him twice weekly and couldn’t wait for each visit. He had a passion for the environment and established his entire business as being eco-friendly. This man changed my life. In line with his full haircare range, he cleverly developed an entire bio-organic skincare line for his salon. He allowed me to trial it for him. What a privilege? This changed my whole concept of working with skin and body treatments. At the same time I was introduced to a naturopath who, with her husband, had developed equipment for skin and body treatments. Amazingly, these treatments were in line with my working theme; “Do No Harm”. I realised then that this was the path to take and so began my naturopathy studies. I am now living my dream as a qualified Naturopath. I work professionally and diligently in my own business, aiming to assist with skin conditions and truly caring for the skin, fully aware that it is an important organ of the body. I encourage and help my clients to do likewise.


I’m excited to announce that this skincare range, which I’ve trialled in my clinic for 12 years, is now being launched to you all. Some of my clients have adopted this range for the entire time and a number of their reviews can be read on my website. “Why did it take me so long to launch this range?” you may ask. Well, unbeknownst to me, a plan for my future was gradually unfolding. Three years ago I combined my two businesses, Beauty Therapy and Naturopathy, to form Charmaine D. My passion in life now is to work with my clients externally and internally to bring renewed oxygen into their life. Cell Defence skincare and nutritional additives is a huge part of this. By the way, Cell Defence is not new. It just may be new to you. It has existed in my clinic for over 15 years and is used in all my skincare treatments and purchased by many clients. As a Naturopath, I believe that avoiding chemicals is most important. Our skin has its own receptors and they can be damaged by treatments and skincare that are not compatible to your skin. Cell Defence in combination with Charmaine D offers a total commitment of working with you on an individual basis. It offers a skincare line that you can use daily to bring oxygen for life back to your very important organs.

Do you realise that applying chemicals to your skin can also cause other organs of your body to suffer?

Learn about this by becoming involved with this great concept. The Cell Defence concept is available now for you to experience and benefit from.

It’s not just about purchasing another skin care range.

It’s about becoming a community involved skincare user that has access to a private Facebook Group where you can learn and grow in a community of people that care for chemical free living.

It’s about having access to a Naturopath to gain advice and know you are on the right track with your skin routines, and that you are taking care of your future, externally and internally.

It’s about learning and accessing help with any skin or body condition that troubles you.

It’s about knowing that Cell Defence and Charmaine D can advise you on the correct road to travel down for your health restoration.

The difference is that by purchasing Cell Defence as your new skincare regime you can be advised by a Naturopath as to the best road to follow. You will receive individual advice as to how you can renew and maintain healthy skin from within, as well as feeding that organ externally … food for life. Give the biggest organ in your body its oxygen for life. Cell Defence launch is exciting and is developed for you! Yes You! Purchase your first products by reading all about them individually. There are short and long versions to help you to choose a product that will suit you.

Along with your first purchase you will gain access to a complimentary 30 minute consult with Charmaine D. This is an on-line or phone consult and will help you establish how you can care for yourself and gain a wealth of experience through professional advice given by a Naturopath that has 35 plus years of experience in the line of skin maintenance and skin conditions. With your first purchase you will also gain access to the Cell Defence private Facebook page. Along with the launch will be lots of blogs and reviews published over the following weeks, months and years in combination with your access to personal advice.

As the success of this great product grows it will lead the way to developing a next generation of people who want to care for themselves without harsh chemicals and treatments. Cell Defence is the new you. The new you that is as beautiful as you are. The new you who does not need to spend a lot on treatments if you are caring for your skin and body through using your special, individualised regime. The new you may have some conditions to alter and change to assist with your external appearance. By working hand in hand with Charmaine D, a Naturopath with 35 years of experience, you will receive the expert advice required to take a step forward towards creating that self-loved new you.

What is my next move?

Read through the products available and make your first purchase. You can then go online at Charmaine D’s website and book your complimentary 30 minute naturopathy consult.

How exciting!

I, Charmaine D, am so excited to be working with you…