Naturopath and skin specialist, Charmaine Dickson, has been using plant stem cell technology in her clinic for skincare treatments for over fifteen years. Charmaine quotes “I am so happy with my own skin and am often told I don’t look my age.”

Since the age of eighteen, Charmaine has taken a holistic approach to her skincare regime.

By thirty-two she completed a diploma of beauty therapy and honoured her skin with a monthly facial. These facials, however, did not consist of laser, needling, vampire facials, injections or cosmetic surgery, nothing that penetrated her dermal layer.

So what then, was she doing to maintain her youthfulness and skin health during these facials? Diamond dermabrasion designed here in Adelaide, oxygen therapy to pulse plant cell serum into the skin, lymphatic sculpting and radio tripolar frequency. No chemicals, no procedures, no needles and no laser.

Charmaine has always been passionately wary about the chemicals used in skincare, and as a beauty therapist saw first hand how chemicals have the potential to steal mitochondrial energy and cell renewal and cause oxidative damage to the strength of the elastin and collagen in our skin.

(Keep an eye out for future blogs with more mitochondrial information and how it works to keep us younger in all aspects of all body’s systems!)

By using plant stem cells, stabilised by natural products (as opposed to chemical additives), you are harnessing nature’s healing and nature’s way of cell renewal. Additionally, the correct synergy of ingredients formulated in a molecular structure may assist transfollicular penetration (more blogs to come on transfollicular penetration of natural skincare ingredients).

In order for the fine molecularly formulated ingredients of the plant stem cells to penetrate, and therefore, really benefit the skin, the skin must be unclogged of the build up of chemical products over time. This clog may happen when using products with high levels of dimethicone (silicone). Dimethicone is used heavily in the beauty industry in moisturisers, foundations, sunscreen and hair products to ‘trap’ moisture and keep the skin and hair looking shiny and hydrated. This, however, is a misconception and this build-up of silicone creates the opposite effect of an impenetrable barrier over the skin and hair, leaving it unable to be touched by other, more beneficial, ingredients. For more information on dimethicone and what it’s really doing to our bodies, see our future blog from the Dimethicone Whisperer who is passionate in creating awareness of this ingredient and its real risks.

When using plant stem cells in beauty products, you are harnessing the abundant and highly available healing benefits of nature. In nature, these stem cells regenerate the plant after it has been injured or invaded by a foreign body. As human beings, we are also nature. Our chemistry is the same as the plants and trees that surround us every day. Therefore, working with nature’s gifts means you are working WITH your body, rather than against it. Chemicals in beauty products are man-made, there is no cohesion with us as nature’s beings. Plant stem cells used in topical products have thus been shown in studies to show great antioxidant benefits and cell renewal to our skin. Included below is an evidence based study that you may like to read to gain more insight into the brilliant technology that skin therapists and naturopaths are harnessing to assist their clients in healing their skin ailments without the use of chemical formulations.

The study linked states “ancient herbal sciences such as Ayurveda and Oriental Chinese Medicine have used plants as their mainstay for the treatment of chronic ailments, acute inflammation and for healing. In current times, for innovative cosmetic scientists, the goal is to connect the evidence from ancient practices to evidence in modern science and see where the application of plants in cosmetics can improve the delivery to the skin in a more effective, safer and targeted way. Plant science in this vein is currently in its infancy and research in herbal and physiologic effects on the skin could open new doors in cosmetics”.

As we are all aware, stress is hugely tolling on our body. Including a hastened ageing process. Although avoiding stressors is near impossible, Charmaine is proof that regardless of the amount of stress and length of those stressors in one’s life, the use of carefully curated, chemical-free, plant stem cell skincare products have the ability to rewind the damage done by stress. This damage can include, but is not limited to, an increase in the acidic environment within the body, inflammation, histamine release, impaired peripheral circulation of our blood and lymphatic system. All of which quickens the ageing process. As the plant stem cells have been proven to repair the stress damage to its own stems, it makes sense to use this power in our own skincare, delivering plant-based nutrition to our cells and bringing life back to stressed, aged skin.

With a philosophy of “do no harm”, Charmaine is so grateful for the studies of great cosmetic chemists who have brought this technology into her life as a skin therapist and naturopath.

A final quote from the linked study is as follows “a decline in the function of epidermal stem cells has been observed in association with shortened telomeres, which reduced proliferative potential in response to UV exposure leading to premature skin ageing and senescence. Telomeres are nucleoprotein complexes that cap and save the ends of chromosomes from degradation and abnormal recombination. Telomeres shorten with each cell division and progressive telomere shortening ultimately results in cellular senescence. The question therefore is ‘can plant phytohormones have the antioxidant and regenerative ability to prevent this ageing process in human skin?’”

We encourage you to read this study to see the answers for yourself in order to benefit from the understanding of this technology. You can purchase Charmaine’s plant stem cell skincare range from the Cell Defence website. In doing so you are eligible to book a free, complimentary 30 minute phone call with Charmaine to gain first-hand knowledge on how to move your own skin into a chemical-free world of renewal with nature’s medicine and naturopathic principles guiding you internally and externally on skin renewal processes.